Technology Roadmap Definition

Peck Tech brings tried and tested skills and experience for matching equipment and technology planning to the people, processes and technologies that are in use at a site.

The right technology, properly selected, deployed, and expertly integrated, will lead to improved use, boost productivity and safety, and generate better decision-making.

Making the wrong decisions about technology and integration will disrupt schedules, distract operators, create negative perceptions and prevent future scalability to address changing needs.

Peck Tech can plot the short-, medium-, and long-term route to navigate away from these pitfalls and mitigate the risk of failure through leveraging their expertise and the use of formalized business and technical process mapping approaches.

Technology road-mapping work

  • Autonomous haul-truck and blasthole drill multi-generational product planning
  • Machine health/condition monitoring product planning
  • Fleet management upgrades based on new mine development or mine site expansions
  • Advanced technology strategies that serve as the basis for defining an incremental and practical “Mining Company of the Future” roadmap