Who We Are

Jonathan (Jon) Peck, President and CEO (Montréal, Québec)

Jonathan Peck

  • Monitoring, control, GPS guidance and information systems design and specification for blasthole drills & excavators based on commercially available solutions
  • Advanced product & solution design for mobile mining equipment monitoring, guidance, control and automation based on new enabling technologies
  • Definition and specification of detailed technology strategies for product development, evaluation, assessment, selection, purchase and deployment at both corporate and site levels
  • Project management
  • New business & product development initiatives based on detailed analysis of market & competitive trends

Jon is a leader in innovative technology, conceptual design and development with over 25 years of academic and entrepreneurial experience in delivering pragmatic and robust mining technology solutions to a global clientele.

He holds both Ph.D. and Master’s degrees in Mining Engineering from McGill University, as well as a Bachelor of Science with Specialization in Geology from Concordia University.

Jon has held a variety of positions throughout his career including Laboratory Manager with the Canadian Centre for Automation and Robotics in Mining (CCARM) based at McGill University, the MineStar Strategic Business Development Manager, NPI Manager and Product Manager in the Information Products and Solutions Division with Caterpillar, and as Founder, President and CEO of AQUILA Mining Systems.

Leveraging this experience, Jon formed Peck Tech Consulting Ltd. in 2004 as a means to provide unique services related to advanced technology evaluation, assessment, and selection for both underground and open‐pit customers globally. As the demand for these services grew, Peck Tech embarked on also offering complete turn-key, advanced product development and manufacturing services to mining customers, technology providers and equipment suppliers.

Jon continues to maintain close ties with the academic world and most recently served as Head and Professor of the Department of Mining Engineering at Queen’s University from 2005 to 2007. He remains an Adjunct Professor at Queen’s responsible for the co‐supervision of graduate students. He also co‐supervises graduate students within the Department of Mining and Materials Engineering at McGill University. Peck Tech also has and continues to directly support and collaborate on NSERC CRD projects with McGill, Queen’s, and Concordia.

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Sandy Pyke, Vice President Operations (Montréal, Québec)

Sandy Pyke

  • board-level, component, and systems-level design of rugged electronics for mobile applications
  • review, specification, and selection of existing COTS products to fit customers’ specific needs
  • use and application of formalized product development and project management methodologies

Sandy is an Electronics Technologist and 6 Sigma Black Belt with over 24 years of practical experience designing and deploying rugged electronics systems for the mining industry while employed at AQUILA Mining Systems, Caterpillar Inc. and Peck Tech Consulting Ltd.

He has been involved in, and has executed, all levels of hardware design and manufacturing from board level all the way up to complete system level design. He has conducted safety, environmental, and electromagnetic compatibility testing for these components and systems as well.

Sandy’s 6 Sigma Black Belt training in product/process improvement and creation gives him the tools to manage large teams, mitigate project risks, and drive consensus in more complex projects. These skills and experiences provide him with in-depth knowledge of technology products and their application to rugged environments such as those found in the mining industry.

He was the hardware architect for three generations of production monitoring and HPGPS navigation systems installed on mining drills, shovels and draglines while working for AQUILA and Caterpillar. He was also heavily involved in the specification and implementation of a CAN based control system for the operation of a rotary blasthole drill for a major OEM.

Sandy was the lead on a project to deliver a machine autonomy-ready production monitoring and HPGPS guidance system for drills which included remote control of the machine. He has also been the project lead on augmented GPS research and its application and commercialization within the mining industry.

Beyond his professional career, Sandy has spent over 10 years in the volunteer search and rescue community and is currently volunteering with the Quebec Federation of 4X4 Clubs.

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François Gariépy, Director, Technology Solutions (Montréal, Québec)

François Gariépy

  • highly-structured system and software engineering, leading to predictable quality and delivery time
  • complex problem solving, with the ability to deliver non-conventional solutions
  • software communication and multi-tier distributed systems over unreliable communication channels such as mine Wi-Fi networks

François holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering with a specialization in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence from the Université de Montréal – École Polytechnique.

He spent 14 years working for AQUILA Mining Systems and Caterpillar Inc. as both a member of the Engineering team and the Engineering Management. In this latter role, he led the development of the entire AQUILA drill and dragline monitoring and guidance products, as well as holding a leading role in the Caterpillar autonomous programs for haul-trucks and blasthole drills. Prior to that, François was the architect and head developer of the truck dispatching module for Caterpillar MineStar FleetCommander.

François has completed the Making Great Leaders training by the Hay Group, is a certified coach with more than 20 years of active coaching, and is 6 Sigma and MSHA certified.

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Andrew Chapman, Technical Manager, Mining Solutions (Montreal, Quebec)

Andrew Chapman Bust cropped

  • strong operational background in underground mining
  • mining technical systems selection, optimization and support
  • multinational project and contract management

Andrew obtained a B. Eng. in Mining Engineering from McGill University before joining Barrick Gold Inc. as a junior engineer at the Goldstrike Underground Mine (Meikle) in Elko, NV. His experience during this time encompassed mine planning/sequencing, economic analyses, forecasting and budgeting, quality control, and contract/project management. He is a graduate of Barrick’s Compass I EIT program, having completed a comprehensive set of technical learning objectives covering all aspects of the Goldstrike mine site. In 2010, Andrew left Barrick to complete a Masters of Applied Science in Mining Engineering at Queen’s University. His Masters research, sponsored by Barrick, focused on open pit haul traffic optimization and brought Andrew back to Northern Nevada to the Goldstrike Open Pit Mine for field data collection and analysis. His thesis is available here.

After completing his M.A.Sc. Andrew rejoined Barrick Gold Inc. at their corporate office in Toronto. Here, in his role as Production Systems Engineer within the Global Mining Information Technology team, he managed all mining-specific software and technical system implementations at Barrick’s mines worldwide. This encompassed new and existing implementations, from fleet management systems to CAD software to semi-autonomous vehicles. His responsibilities included system selection and optimization, multinational project management and managing of enterprise-level agreements between Barrick’s largest software/technical vendors.

From 2012-2015, Andrew was a Governing Council member for the Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) and also the leader for the Situation Awareness Working Group therein. He remains an active participant in several working groups.

Andrew is a frequent speaker at mining events and is a published author in several mining publications and journals on topics such as human factors in mining and haul traffic optimization.

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Viktor Shlenchak, Technical Director (Montréal, Québec)

Viktor Shlenchak

  • Innovative software & solution design for mobile mapping geo-referenced data and workflows
  • Full life cycle of the commercial software development. Customer requirements definition, prototyping and proof-of-concept, software architecture and design, interface, implementation, testing and maintenance
  • International and multi-disciplinary projects
  • Agile Project Management expert

Viktor obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a concentration on Computer Vision and 3D technologies from Sherbrooke University.

He has over 11 years of industry experience in multi-disciplinary R&D teams. Specific areas of focus for Viktor include: Geospatial data analysis, processing and feature extraction; Geo-referenced data accuracy improvements and registration; Advanced sensors selection and integration; GNSS navigation and positioning; Data science and analytics.

Prior to joining Peck Tech Viktor held a leading role for the Mobile Mapping software suite within Trimble Navigation. Mobile Mapping systems produce immense datasets including high resolution imagery and point clouds with billions of points. Having worked on the front edge of the technology, Viktor has in-depth knowledge of visualization, navigation, accuracy and processing of large mobile mapping laser and image data sets.

Leveraging his experiences with emerging technologies, Viktor assists customers with advanced technology evaluation, assessment and selection. As the demand for Data Science and Analytics grew, Viktor engaged in translating the existing technologies into scalable and customer-centered solutions.

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Curtis Watson, Project Manager (Montréal, Québec)

Curtis Watson bio-photo resized

  • System and software testing and validation
  • Workflow validation and optimization for underground machinery
  • Engineering Systems Analysis

Curtis received a B.Sc. in Mining Engineering with Mechanical Option at Queen’s University in 2013 and a M.A.Sc. degree in Mining Engineering in 2016 from Queen’s University under the supervision of Joshua Marshall. His research focused on the application of uGPS RapidMapper™ data for ventilation purposes.

In addition to his education, Curtis also spent a summer working for Maclean Engineering in Sudbury, Ontario as an Applications Engineer, investigating work flows of leading edge mining vehicles and conducting market analysis. Curtis also led the SAE Aero Design team at Queen’s University throughout his time at Queen’s, and under his leadership the team moved from the lower quartile to a top three Canadian team.

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Martin Politick (Vancouver, British Columbia)

Martin Politick

  • create a vision and plan for new technology products applied to open pit mining
  • design system architecture for new technology solutions
  • project management for new technology products

Martin holds a Bachelor’s degree in Software Engineering from the Université de Montréal – École Polytechnique.

He spent more than 15 years working for AQUILA Mining Systems and Caterpillar Inc. as both a member of the Engineering team and Engineering Manager of the Montreal development team. In this latter role, he led the development of the entire AQUILA drill (monitoring, control and HPGPS guidance) and dragline (monitoring, HPGPS guidance) products.

Martin also participated in the Caterpillar autonomous programs for haul-trucks and blasthole drills, as well as overseeing parts of the Caterpillar MineStar fleet management system development and drill control products for the Atlas-Copco PitViper 351 blasthole drill.

In the area of HPGPS and fleet management systems, Martin has been involved in the deployment and testing of these systems for mine sites throughout the world including South Africa, the United States, Canada, Australia, and Latin America.

Martin’s specific capabilities and demonstrated experience includes a unique ability to create broad and pragmatic visions and plans for new mobile technology products applied to open-pit mining. He is also experienced in detailed system architecture design for new technology solutions with a focus on delivering actual products – rather than “one-offs”- based on defined end-user requirements. He also has demonstrated abilities to manage complex technology product development efforts with a heavy field deployment component.

Martin has completed the Making Great Leaders training by the Hay Group, 6 Sigma, and is MSHA and First-Aid training certified.

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Chris Lear, Consultant (Brisbane, Australia)

Chris Lear

  • use of advanced control and monitoring technologies for mining operations
  • process integration of mining systems to assist in operational automation/autonomy
  • model to mill data integration/reconciliation strategies

Chris is a graduate mining engineer (BSc Hons (Min. Tech)) of the School of Mines, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand and holds a MSc from the Bernard Price Institute (Geophysics), University of Witwatersrand, South Africa centered on monitoring and analysis of blast induced seismic damage to a domestic structure at an open strip mining operation.

Chris has over 30 years of industry experience in various facets of mining. Originally engaged as a geotechnical engineer covering a number of gold, platinum and coal underground mining operations for various mining corporations in South Africa, he has subsequently held roles with Mincom and Caterpillar (in Australia and USA) providing software based solutions for mine operations planning and machine/fleet monitoring and control.

Chris has been engaged with Peck Tech since 2004. In a role as Consultant he has provided expertise to multiple customers in the area of blasthole drill Monitoring while Drilling (MWD) data acquisition solutions and utilization of such data to support Drill & Blast design process.

The services he has provided include formalized process mapping reviews of workflow and dataflow (BPMN, IDEF0), solution implementations and/or optimization and data repository analysis. His specific areas of focus for Peck Tech projects include the use of advanced control and monitoring technologies for mining operations, process integration of mining systems to assist in operational automation/autonomy, and mine model to mill data integration/reconciliation strategies.

Chris is a member of the Australasian Institute of Mining & Metallurgy (AusIMM).

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Mike Jackson (Collingwood, Ontario)

Mike Jackson Cropped

  • market, customer and business development strategies for establishing, entering and growing markets
  • business evaluation and turnaround
  • real-time mine management systems and autonomous haulage user requirements, development and implementation
  • project management

Mike is a leader, entrepreneur and independent consultant with over 15 years of international, multi-industry experience managing regions, companies, people and projects. He has a proven track record in demanding environments including strategy development, company turnaround and emerging market expansion.

His career includes mine operations experience at Barrick Goldstrike; project and company management in advanced mining technology at Modular Mining Systems and area management & business development experience in the construction industry with Schindler Management Ltd.

Mike has lived and worked in the USA, Canada, Australia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East. He holds an MBA from IMD in Switzerland, a Management Certificate from Wits Business School in South Africa and a B.Sc. degree in Mining Engineering from Queen’s University in Canada.

In addition to his consulting activities, Mike is a director of Bluffside Ventures Inc., a management organization specialized in commercializing ideas into profitable businesses.

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Scot Szalanski (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Scott Szalanski

  • development and application of In Pit Crushing & Conveying Systems using Total Cost of Operation (TCO) Analysis
  • product Lifecycle Management in open pit mines
  • advanced crushing, screening, and conveying application limit and guideline development for open pit mines

Scot obtained his degree in Science Engineering from Northwestern University. With over 35 years of high-impact experience, Scott prides himself as a senior-level executive with cross-functional team leadership in Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing and Engineering for the high-tech Mining Solutions market.

Scot has played a vital role in the operation of Mining and Construction equipment and has worked for companies such as P&H Mining, Metso Minerals and Bucyrus Erie. Additionally, Scot has a successful record of Marketing & Sales Management, Corporate Strategy Development, Product Lifecycle Management, and holds numerous patents.

Scot has held a variety of leadership roles over the years – including Product Testing Management, Regional Sales Manager, VP of Engineering, and Product Marketing. He has been instrumental in pioneering innovative approaches and solutions for his employers and clients, always focused on achieving realistic and successful business objectives.

Scot’s area of focus is primarily the development of In Pit Crushing & Conveying Systems. Scot has written articles for World Coal, Mining Magazine, International Mining, and Coal News, been a speaker at the 2009, 2010 and 2011 Mining Congress IPCC conferences, and has been involved in numerous Total Cost of Operation (TCO) analysis for surface mines in Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Columbia, United States and Canada.

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Simon Banbury (Beaconsfield, QC)

Simon Banbury

  • human factors
  • human-system integration
  • user requirements capture
  • user-centered design (graphical user interface, workstation and workspace)
  • human-in-the-loop evaluation
  • training and selection

Simon holds a Ph.D. in Applied Psychology and a B.Sc in Psychology from Reading University (United Kingdom), and a Post Graduate Certificate of Occupational Psychology from the British Psychological Society. He has over fifteen years of Human Factors consultancy and applied research experience in defence, industrial and academic domains, and broad experience in leading and managing multi-disciplinary R&D teams. Simon works with design teams and end users to develop user-centred design requirements and specifications for user interfaces, workstations and control rooms across a range of defence and industrial applications. He also has extensive experience of planning and executing user testing and field trials to ensure the interaction between the user and the system meets the user-centred requirements.

Simon is also a Professeur Associé of the School of Psychology at Université Laval where he supervises PhD students and supports research on teamwork and decision making. He has published widely in the field of Human Factors, including recent books on Situation Awareness and Engineering Psychology. He is a Chartered Psychologist of the British Psychological Society.

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Andrew Lingard, Consultant (Brisbane, Australia)

Andrew Lingard Photo

  • product and market assessment and business development strategic planning – mine planning and real-time mine management and asset management enterprise and operational solutions
  • evaluation and strategic review of mining technology businesses and departments in tier-one and -two mining companies
  • enterprise mining solution analysis, definition and planning
  • high level systems design and systems integration
  • mining reference models and solution roadmaps
  • program governance including overall management and coordination of commercial and technical matters with clients and all stakeholders
  • project management

Andrew has over 30 years of experience in mining technology solutions and is one of the vanguards of mining technical software for geological modelling, mine planning and scheduling, and operational production and maintenance systems.

He led Mincom’s Mining Technology development, deployment and regional sales, implementation and support in Australasia for many years, where MineScape became the globally dominant solution in coal geological modelling and mine planning and scheduling. With Mincom founder Bill Hodgson, Andrew coordinated the expansion of Mincom Mining Technology from Brisbane, Australia to offices and agents in all major mining countries from RSA to Chile to USA to Eastern Europe.

With Caterpillar’s investment in Mincom, Andrew then managed (with Jonathan Peck, Caterpillar and Trimble) the development and rapid growth of Caterpillar’s MineStar fleet management system from the embryonic concept to a fully-fledged, market leading solution with sites in all mining regions of the world.

His career also includes Programme Director for Rio Tinto’s global standardization and deployment of Mine Monitoring and Control systems with Modular Mining and Caterpillar CAES and Aquila, and recently, senior roles in strategic development and planning for major mine planning and scheduling vendors. Andrew is experienced in all stages and technologies of mine planning and production systems.

Andrew is an innovative thinker who embraces a holistic view of the entire mining value chain to help mining customers and vendors crystallize their strategies and define solution and integration plans that acknowledge the potential of new disruptive technologies and recognize the existing legacies and impediments to growth and value creation.

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