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François Gariépy

François Gariépy, Director, Technology Solutions (Montréal, Québec)

François Gariépy

  • highly-structured system and software engineering, leading to predictable quality and delivery time
  • complex problem solving, with the ability to deliver non-conventional solutions
  • software communication and multi-tier distributed systems over unreliable communication channels such as mine Wi-Fi networks

François holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering with a specialization in Robotics and Artificial Intelligence from the Université de Montréal – École Polytechnique.

He spent 14 years working for AQUILA Mining Systems and Caterpillar Inc. as both a member of the Engineering team and the Engineering Management. In this latter role, he led the development of the entire AQUILA drill and dragline monitoring and guidance products, as well as holding a leading role in the Caterpillar autonomous programs for haul-trucks and blasthole drills. Prior to that, François was the architect and head developer of the truck dispatching module for Caterpillar MineStar FleetCommander.

François has completed the Making Great Leaders training by the Hay Group, is a certified coach with more than 20 years of active coaching, and is 6 Sigma and MSHA certified.

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