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Viktor Shlenchak

Viktor Shlenchak, Technical Director (Montréal, Québec)

Viktor Shlenchak

  • Innovative software & solution design for mobile mapping geo-referenced data and workflows
  • Full life cycle of the commercial software development. Customer requirements definition, prototyping and proof-of-concept, software architecture and design, interface, implementation, testing and maintenance
  • International and multi-disciplinary projects
  • Agile Project Management expert

Viktor obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a concentration on Computer Vision and 3D technologies from Sherbrooke University.

He has over 11 years of industry experience in multi-disciplinary R&D teams. Specific areas of focus for Viktor include: Geospatial data analysis, processing and feature extraction; Geo-referenced data accuracy improvements and registration; Advanced sensors selection and integration; GNSS navigation and positioning; Data science and analytics.

Prior to joining Peck Tech Viktor held a leading role for the Mobile Mapping software suite within Trimble Navigation. Mobile Mapping systems produce immense datasets including high resolution imagery and point clouds with billions of points. Having worked on the front edge of the technology, Viktor has in-depth knowledge of visualization, navigation, accuracy and processing of large mobile mapping laser and image data sets.

Leveraging his experiences with emerging technologies, Viktor assists customers with advanced technology evaluation, assessment and selection. As the demand for Data Science and Analytics grew, Viktor engaged in translating the existing technologies into scalable and customer-centered solutions.

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