Scot Szalanski

Scot Szalanski (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)

Scott Szalanski

  • development and application of In Pit Crushing & Conveying Systems using Total Cost of Operation (TCO) Analysis
  • product Lifecycle Management in open pit mines
  • advanced crushing, screening, and conveying application limit and guideline development for open pit mines

Scot obtained his degree in Science Engineering from Northwestern University. With over 35 years of high-impact experience, Scott prides himself as a senior-level executive with cross-functional team leadership in Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing and Engineering for the high-tech Mining Solutions market.

Scot has played a vital role in the operation of Mining and Construction equipment and has worked for companies such as P&H Mining, Metso Minerals and Bucyrus Erie. Additionally, Scot has a successful record of Marketing & Sales Management, Corporate Strategy Development, Product Lifecycle Management, and holds numerous patents.

Scot has held a variety of leadership roles over the years – including Product Testing Management, Regional Sales Manager, VP of Engineering, and Product Marketing. He has been instrumental in pioneering innovative approaches and solutions for his employers and clients, always focused on achieving realistic and successful business objectives.

Scot’s area of focus is primarily the development of In Pit Crushing & Conveying Systems. Scot has written articles for World Coal, Mining Magazine, International Mining, and Coal News, been a speaker at the 2009, 2010 and 2011 Mining Congress IPCC conferences, and has been involved in numerous Total Cost of Operation (TCO) analysis for surface mines in Australia, South Africa, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Columbia, United States and Canada.

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