Curtis Watson

Curtis Watson, Project Manager (Montréal, Québec)

Curtis Watson bio-photo resized

  • System and software testing and validation
  • Workflow validation and optimization for underground machinery
  • Engineering Systems Analysis

Curtis received a B.Sc. in Mining Engineering with Mechanical Option at Queen’s University in 2013 and a M.A.Sc. degree in Mining Engineering in 2016 from Queen’s University under the supervision of Joshua Marshall. His research focused on the application of uGPS RapidMapper™ data for ventilation purposes.

In addition to his education, Curtis also spent a summer working for Maclean Engineering in Sudbury, Ontario as an Applications Engineer, investigating work flows of leading edge mining vehicles and conducting market analysis. Curtis also led the SAE Aero Design team at Queen’s University throughout his time at Queen’s, and under his leadership the team moved from the lower quartile to a top three Canadian team.

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